Another Year of Life, Kort

Happy Birthday to the New Me I made it to 26...and I couldn't be more grateful. I promise I wont take this year for granted. I am dedicating my re-launch of my blog to my birthday specifically because I needed to. There have been so many promises and goals I made to myself last year [...]

Fresh denim

Nothing excites me more than fresh denim. From jeans to jackets, my excitement reaches an all time high (weird, I know lol).  My local mall recently acquired a UNI QLO shop and my boyfriend and I kinda went nuts in there. The shop originates in Japan but I am sooooo happy we finally have access [...]

Curry Crazy

Happy New Year! Cannot believe 2017 is already here. So many goals to accomplish and I wish you all many blessings! For my first blog of 2017, I wanted to show you my favorite recipe I've been cooking for the past few months - coconut chicken curry. Believe it or not, I've only been to [...]

Fat girl at heart

I am a lover of all things good, whether it be a nice at home cooked meal or a hip dive bar selling bomb food. I don't discriminate!  For 2017, I promise to have better foodie posts and pics for you to be jelly off along with recipes from my own kitchen. For now, indulge [...]